Syomirizwa Gupta
Making its debut at the 2018 KL Fashion Week, Syomirizwa Gupta’s Spring/Summer 2019 Collection is centered around the concept of (dis)organised chaos. Based on the how one’s soul is captured by a personal sense of style, and a unique attitude, that develops through the influence of music and life experiences, Syomirizwa Gupta’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection will blend mix prints, different textures, fabrics and colours to create a truly unique collection of clothing.
A homage to the Syomirizwa Gup

In celebration of Syomirizwa Gupta’s 15th year in the fashion industry, the Spring/Summer 2019 collected is designed by mixing eclectic elements that bring together themes that the designer holds dear.

(Dis)organised chaos

The Syomirizwa Gupta Spring/Summer 2019 collection incorporates a multitude of design aesthetics paired with a large variety of fabrics to create a clothing line that can only be described as unorthodox.