Fantasy Sandals
Launched in 2011, Fantasy Sandals is a Greece-based sandals outfit that creates comfortable, stylish and affordable everyday footwear for the working-class woman. True to its roots, Fantasy Sandals’ footwear are created using the traditional Greek method of bark tanning, the process of converting hides into leather. This traditional method is then married to modern day technology like the outfit’s own Flex-Sole technology and Bubble Effect technology, resulting in sandals that are highly durable. Today, Fantasy Sandals’ footwear can be found in 18 countries through over 100 sales points.
A Style for Every Woman

Fantasy Sandals’ footwear is designed with the working-class woman in mind. As such, the outfit’s footwear is tailored to by affordable, comfortable, and most importantly of all, stylish.

Tradition Meets Modern

By combining traditional Greek bark tanning methods with modern day technology, the outfit has managed to create sandals that are stylish yet durable.